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This website was created to provide students
with Information, Websites, News, Machine Calendars, and Student Shop Safety Rules
for working in the Pratt School of Engineering Student Shop.
Students are encouraged to ask Steve Earp, the Student Shop Manager, or
Greg Bumpass for assistance on project machining procedures or with any problematic situations.
This is the Student Shop for the Pratt School of Engineering.
Students from Pratt are allowed to use this Student Shop for designing, manufacturing, and building their projects as needed for a grade in their coursework. No Personal Projects are ever allowed in the Student Shop.
 *** The Sakai Safety Training site is now a permanent part of our curriculum. ***
If you did not pick up your Student Shop Badge within the 21 days from your completion of all the safety training,
you will need to retake ALL of the Safety Training over again.
Students who currently have Student Shop Badges do not need to retake safety training!
  The Student Shop WILL BE SHUT DOWN from
July 1, 2015 until August 19, 2015. 
We will be updating and repairing equipment
during this time so NO ACCESS will be granted.
Please do not ask.




Check out our NEW Google+ website

 Safety glasses, long pants, closed toe shoes

are ALWAYS required in ALL Student Shop areas!

No Exceptions!

Please bring your own safety glasses.

The Student Shop does not provide them and please do not ask.


  Video Page

Shop Videos are now embedded on the website.

You can also view them through the 

Duke Student Shop Channel

on       at

 The Student Shop SAFETY TRAINING will open on
May 11, 2015 for
The Term One 2015 Summer Session.
It will close on May 28, 2015!!!
No extensions for completion will be given.
Please look on the
Student Shop Sakai Website for
Future Part One & Two Safety training Dates/Times.


Students can self-enroll to the Student Shop Safety Sakai site by going

From their My Workspace page (IN SAKAI),

and choose the Membership menu from the left menu bar.

Click Joinable Sites to search for and

"Join"  the  Pratt Student Shop site."

As of right now the Student Shop's site is one of a few

that has "Pratt" as part of it's title.

  *** Part One of the Student Shop Safety Training is Only available

 on the Student Shop Sakai website.***

  The Student Shop will not be closed during individual Part Two of Safety Training Testing.

***Please email me when you are ready to take Part Two of this safety training.***

 Please do not email me until you have completed ALL of the Part One tests and have passed them with at least an 80% total.



Starting September 2, 2008

You will be required to show your Student Shop badge every time you enter the Student Shop.

You will NOT be allowed to use the Student Shop without your Student Shop Badge.

If you have not picked up your Student Shop Badge, you have only 11 days

from completion of safety training to do so.

If you have misplaced your Student Shop badge,

please see me for a replacement.

If you fail to pick it up by that date

you will be required to take the

Safety Training again to receive it.

Here's the 2010 article about the

Student Shop

Grand Opening Ceremony

 Here is the very first article about the

Student Shop.



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about the website, please contact us at: