Directions to the Pratt Student Shop

   Here are the directions to the


Student Machine Shop



 The Student Shop is located behind the CIEMAS / Fitzpatrick Building in the Old TeleComm Building.


 A View of all the buildings in the Engineering Quad.


View of Sidewalk in front of Teer Building



Walk down the sidewalk, past the Teer Building.


 View of Engineering Quad.


Walk down the sidewalk toward the Engineering Quad Area.


Sidewalk toward Hudson Hall.


 Continue to walk through the Engineering Quad.


Sidewalk beside Hudson Hall Sign.



 Walk down the sidewalk and past the old man himself, Hudson Hall.


 Sidewalk beside CIEMAS Building.



 Walk past the CIEMAS Building (on right) to the end of the sidewalk.


 End of sidewalk at Research Drive.


Walk to the end of the sidewalk where it meets Research Drive,

then turn Right.



 Sidewalk toward TeleCom Building.


 Walk down the sidewalk beside the end of the CIEMAS Building and toward the Old TelComm Building (far in view).
Delivery Driveway Entrance.


At the end of the sidewalk walk past the CIEMAS Delivery Driveway and toward the Old TelComm Building (Rock wall and no windows).


 View of the Ramp to the Student Shop Outside Door.


Walk up the handicap ramp to the Left Outside Door of
the Old TelComm Building.
 Left Outside Door to the TeleComm Building.


 The Student Shop outside door has a card access reader on the righthand side of the door.

You must use it when you want to enter weekdays

after 5:00pm and All Day on Saturdays.


View looking throught outside doorway down the hall to the Student Shop.


 Walk through the outside doorway, through an open doorway, and down the hallway.

You will past the restrooms on your left as you walk down this short hallway.


Doorway to the Student Shop.



 The Main Student Shop door will be about twenty five feet in front of you.



If you click on Student Machine Shop it will redirect you to the Google maps website.

When the website opens up if you click on the satellite button on the upper righthand side

it will show a satellite view of the building we are located in.



Look on the left hand side of the website and click on
Academic & Administrative
The Student Shop should be pretty easy to find.