Safety Tests for Each Machine


All Part One Student Shop Safety Tests are taken on-line

at the Student Shop Duke Sakai website.

Below is the front page fron the Student Shop Sakai website.

I copied it here for your information.

Please READ IT if you have any questions

email the Student Shop Manager.


  Please read Student Shop Manual before

taking any of the seven safety tests.

When you start each test section you will first watch a safety video then take a quiz on that section.

Each question has a value from 1 to 4 points.

You must score at least 80.00 or above after taking all seven safety tests

to pass Part One of the Safety Training for the Student Shop.

If you do not get at least 80.00 points after taking all seven tests: 

You will need to review the Student Shop Safety Manual,

  then retake the tests you did not do well on before going onto Part Two of The Safety Training.

You have two tries at passing each test section.

You have 8 minutes to complete each test.

You can not go back after answering a question on each tests.

You have until the "Due Date" on Sakai to complete

both parts of the Safety Training for the Student Shop

This "Due Date" is well before the last two months of classes.

BEFORE you take "Part Two"

 It would be wise to watch the videos on the

Milling Machine and the Lathe from the Student Shop website.

 It is  Your Responsibility

to review when the Student Shop has the next date/time set for the

Part Two "The Proficiency Test" section of the Student Shop Safety Training.

These dates can be found on the Sakai calendar & Student Shop Calendar pages.

Please print off and fill out the Student Evaluation Form

before you come to the Student Shop.


Remember You MUST bring Your Own Safety Glasses.
None will be provided & please do not ask.

Long Pants and Close Toed Shoes are ALWAYS REQUIRED while you are in any part of the Sudent Shop.

Don't forget to watch

the videos on the Milling Machine and the Lathe from the Student Shop website.

In the last semester there was a
100% failure rate for those who did not watch them.