Universal Laser







Autocad Inventor and Mechanical, InkScape, as well as Coral Draw 4 are already installed on the Laser computer.

If you use Solidworks for your design save it as a .dwg file you will then be able to open it in AutoCad and print it out on the Laser.

Please note that ALL adhesive paper MUST be pulled off both sides of the acrylic sheet before placing it in the laser.




  • Below are the manuals that will help you understand how to use the laser.
  • There are two different ones with good information in each.



  • The tutorial has a little more indepth instruction on how to use the laser.
  • They are a good starting point for the beginner user.
  • Coral Draw 4 has an online tutorial.
  • VLS 6.60 Universal Laser has an online tutorial for different projects.