Machine Calendars

Part Two Safety Training Test

Times available to take the Part Two Safety Training Test are only located on the Student Shop Sakai Calendar on the home page.

Machine Reservation Rules

  1. All machines are reserved on a First Come, First Served basis
  2. To reserve any machine you must have an Outlook 365 account
  3. You may only reserve any 1 (one) machine for a maximum of three (3) hours
  4. Your reservation time is for your group only. Sharing or giving away time is not allowed
  5. Double-booking of two or more machines by a student or a group is not allowed
  6. Reservations are not allowed during Safety Training Classes
  7. You must notify the Student Shop Manager if you no longer need a time you reserved on a machine, or if you will be late for your reserved time on any machine.
  8. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will lose your reservation time and your Student Shop Badge will be punched

If You Do Not Have an Outlook 365 Account

Request an account by contacting Duke OIT at

  •, or
  • 919-684-2200

Exceptions in Extreme Circumstances

In extreme circumstances, and with an attached request from your professor, the Student Shop may allow you to reserve one (1) machine in a three-hour (3) maximum time slot, then reserve a different machine in a different three-hour (3) maximum time slot.


The Machine Calendar links below only allow you to view when a machine has been reserved, without logging into your Exchanged Account. Click on any machine to see what times are still available:

#1 Centroid CNC Milling M/C

#2 Centroid CNC Milling M/C

#3 Centroid CNC Milling M/C


#1 Centroid CNC Lathe (TRL 1440P)

#2 Centroid Lathe (Babin)


Dynatorch CNC Plasma M/C

 Universal Laser M/C

 2017 Sodick (ALN600G) Wire EDM M/C