Student Shop Safety Training

Part One Sakai Safety Tests are a permanent part of our curriculum

If you did not pass ALL of the safety training (Parts 1 & 2) in the Same Semester OR you did not complete ALL of your safety training within the 21 days from when you first started taking a part one test, YOU will be required to Retake ALL of the Safety Training over again. Students who currently have their Student Shop Badge do not need to retake safety training. If you lose your student shop badge you will receive a violation punch on your card.

The Student Shop SAFETY TRAINING has two parts. Part One on Sakai, Part Two in the Student Shop. For the Spring 2018 semester: Part One will open on January 1, 2018. Part ONE will CLOSE on March 6, 2018!!! No extensions for completion will be given. Please look on the Student Shop Sakai Website and the Student Shop calendars for Part One & Two Safety training Dates/Times. Part Two will open on January 10, 2018 @ 8:00 a.m. Part Two will CLOSE on March 9, 2018 @ 9:50 a.m.

Sakai Self Enrollment

Students can self-enroll to the Student Shop Safety Sakai site by going From their My Workspace page (IN SAKAI), and choose the Membership menu from the left menu bar.

Click Joinable Sites to search for and "Join" the Pratt Student Shop 17 18 site." As of right now the Student Shop's site is one of a few that has "Pratt" as part of it's title.


Part One of the Student Shop Safety Training is Only available on line on the Student Shop Sakai website

You must score 80% or better on ALL Part One Tests before you are allowed to attempt the Part Two Test. The Student Shop will be closed during individual Part Two testing of Safety Training during the first three weeks of the semester. After that we will reduce the Part Two individual testing to only Modays & Fridays 8:00 a.m. to 9:50 a.m.


Please arrive early for the Part Two Test

We will check to make sure you have passed Part One on Sakai with at least an 80% before allowing you to take the Part Two test in the Student Shop.

If you have not passed with 80% or more we will ask you to leave and have you come another day to attempt the Part Two Test.


Download the PDF files for the following:

Student Shop Safety Manual

Student Evaluation Sheet


Read the Student Shop Safety Manual

take all the Part One Safety Tests on Sakai, then complete the evaluation .pdf form.

The completed Evaluation form must be turned into the Student Shop manager when you attempt Part Two of the safety training.

You must fully complete ALL the safety training (Part One & Two) IN THE SAME SEMESTER BEFORE you can use or reserve any machine in the Student Shop.

You will have twenty-one (21) days from the time you first start taking any Part One test to complete the whole safety training course and pick up you safety badge.


Please see the Student Shop Sakai home page for more information about testing. The Sakai calendar will show current dates/times reserved for the Part Two test of safety training.

Legibly handwritten evaluation forms please. No unsigned forms will be accepted.