Student Shop 11-2015

Committed to Safety, Education & Teamwork


All Safety Training in the Student Shop has now been completed.

Remember to bring your own Student Shop badge with you every time you plan on working in the Student Shop.

No Student Shop badge, no entrance. Safety glasses (not goggles) and masks are always required.

Please check back in the 2021 Fall semester for future safety training times.

Our Mission and Vision

  • To help each student increase their knowledge in all aspects of the Student Shop.
  • We teach you how to machine, not what to machine

Students are encouraged to ask Steve Earp or Greg Bumpass for assistance on project machining procedures or with any problematic situations.

Student Shop Hours

The Student Shop is open during the Summer 2021 sessions on a

machine reservation appointment basis only.

Please review our machine calendar pages for more information.

if you have any questions please contact the Student Shop.



 You are required to attach or add a picture of your Student Shop badge to your machine reservation request.

This is a requirement for every Pratt student.

 All reservations received without their Student Shop badge attached will result in their reservation being declined.

 No exceptions



See Spring 2021 Shop Hours >>