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Here are some articles about the Student Shop

Greg Bumpass has received a new postion. He is now the Assitant Manager for the Pratt Student Shop

SSMC now has a website: myssmc.org

2015 First Student Shop Manager's Conference held at Pratt: SSMC 2015

2011 Duke Engineering News: New Student Shop Open for Business

2010 Duke Learning Innovation News: iPads facilitate training in the student machine shop

2008-09 DukEngineer magazine (page 40) printed the first news article about the student shop: New Student Machine Shop Creates Experiential Learning Environment

I recently refurbished the old Variable Speed Bridgeport Mill by installing a New Centroid CNC Retrofit on it. (Thank you Pat McGuire & Dale Bass for your help.) The Student Shop now has a working 3 Axis CNC on the variable speed milling machine. It can only be used under our supervison. Below are the pictures of the before and after:

milling machine BEFORE
milling machine AFTER

Pictures of the Centroid CNC addition to our BP Mill.