Student Shop Safety Training

Two Test Parts to complete

Students who currently have their Student Shop Badge do not need to retake our safety training.

The Student Shop Safety Training has two parts. Part One is on Canvas and Part Two is in the Student Shop.

If you did not pass ALL of the safety training (Parts 1 & 2) in the Same Semester       OR 

you did not complete ALL of your safety training before the closing of the part two tests, YOU will be required to Retake ALL of the Safety Training.

If you lose your Student Shop badge please stop by the Student Shop so we can find when you complete safety training and reprint one for you.dent Shop badge.

Dates for Part One & Two safety tests

Part One will OPEN as stated on the Student Shop's website home page.

Part ONE will CLOSE as stated on our Student Shop's website home page. 

No extensions for completion will be given.

Please review the Student Shop Website homepage and/or one of the Student Shop machine calendars for stated Part Two Safety training Dates/Times.

Part Two testing is available to all Pratt students to attempt anytime during these stated dates.

Part Two will CLOSE to All but certain courses on the last day stated for safety training on our website's home page and/or our machine calendars.

No Pratt student (except in a reserved course time) will be allowed to attempt our part two test after the closing of the Student Shop on the last stated day for part two testing.

No extensions for completion will be given.

After the final day of Part Two safety training ALL safety training for the semester will be completed except for certain courses who may have reserved dates/times later in the semester. 

The reservations for these special dates/times for part two test will be viewable on all our machine calendar pages. No student project work will be allowed during these special testing times. 

Canvas Self Enrollment

Pratt students self-enroll in our Student Shop Canvas course.

Please copy the specific URL displayed on the Student Shop's main webpage and open it in your web browser.

Canvas will ask you to log into your Canvas account.

After logging in you will need to click on the blue Enroll in Course button. This is usually located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

After clicking the enrollment button you will have access to our course on Canvas and be able to attempt all six tests that make up Part One of our safety training.

Our Canvas videos may play incorrectly when using an Apple's Safari browser. If that is the case when you are using your Apple product you may want to change and use the Firefox or Chrome web browsers to view our videos.

Our Canvas site does not have an honor code box you click to accept before attempting each test.

However, it is still in effect when attempting any of our tests.

Please know we are able to review every aspect of all your test attempts (answers, times, dates opened, dates completed, etc.). If we see anything that raises our concern we will will ask you to clarify the part that has been called into question. 

Part One testing is Only available on the Student Shop Canvas website

You must receive a total score of 80.00% or better after completing ALL SIX Part One Tests. 

79.99% is NOT a passing grade. No grades are ever rounded up.

Canvas calculates and gives each student an accurate score for every part one test taken.

You must pass Part One before you are allowed to attempt the Part Two Test in the Student Shop.

The Student Shop will be closed all day for Part Two testing during the scheduled test times which are viewable on any of our machine calendar pages.

We will be closed other times for special courses that reserved a date/time only for their students to attempt the Part Two test. These special reserved test times will also be viewable to you on our calendar pages.

Please have your Canvas scores written on your student evaluation form when coming in to attempt our part two test in the Student Shop.


Please arrive early for your Part Two Test

Please have your student evaluation form filled out completely with your Canvas score written on it so you do not hold up other students waiting to take the part two test.

We will double check you Canvas score to make sure you have passed Part One with at least an 80.00% while you are taking the Part Two test in the Student Shop.

If you did not pass with 80.00% or more we will ask you to leave and retake the needed part one tests so you can achieve a passing score.

After retesting and passing the part one with a total score of 80.00% or better you will then be able to come back on another day to attempt the Part Two Test.

Download the PDF files for the following:

Student Shop Safety Manual

Student Evaluation Form

Legibly handwritten answers are required on our evaluation forms. 

All unsigned forms will not be accepted. Forms without the student's Canvas test scores will not be accepted.


Pratt Students Only

Any Pratt student (undergrad {freshman to senior} masters, PhD, or post-grad) is allowed to use the Pratt Student Shop for their graded coursework or approved Pratt team project.

However, other Duke students who participate on an authorized Pratt team are allowed to use the Student Shop for their Pratt team's projects. They are required to complete our safety training before beginning any project work.

No personal student projects are ever allowed to be machined in the Student Shop.