How to Make an Outlook 365 Appointment

New Machine Reservation Requirement

You are required to attach or add a photo of your Student Shop badge with your machine reservation request. This is a requirement for every student.

All requested reservations without an attached photo of your Student Shop badge to your machine reservation will result in your reservation being declined.

No exceptions


Here is the link to log into Outlook 365 account.

  • From there you can access your Own Outlook 365 Account Calendar. Remember you must make an appointment on your Own Outlook 365 Account.
  • Then invite the machine you want to use to the meeting. When you search for a Student Shop machine they all start with Pratt S.Shop(machine name)
  • Be sure to put your DUI number and the type of material you will be machining in the subject line.
  • Attach a photo of your Student Shop badge to your reservation request.


I will receive the invitation from you and I will accept or reject it on:

  1. Whether you have completed all the safety training requirements for the Student Shop and have attached a photo of your Student Shop Badge to your requested reservation.
  2. Whether you were the first to request that time on the machine or not. The rule has always been first come first serve when it comes to reserving any machine time.
  3. If you put all the information the Student Shop needs for your reservation request (i.e., DUI number, type of material, etc.).